Back in the spring several members contacted MBSA to see if we had any data reports regarding salaries, benefits, and other compensation issues for employees.  This information is vital, especially in an environment when we suddenly find ourselves competing for talent.  How do you know that your salary & benefits package measures up to the rest of your immediate market?  The short answer is, “You don’t.”  Till now, that is. 

Before now, the only survey information we could get was taken on a national scale, with not enough weight given to OUR service area.  Your participation in this survey will help guarantee its statistical integrity and its usefulness to you and your staff.  The more dealers who participate make for a better statistical report.

We hope you’ll take part in this survey, offered by member demand.  The results of this survey will help you, the Midwest retail dealer, in knowing what the new industry benchmarks are in our immediate service area.  This information will be an invaluable tool in knowing where you stand in employee benefits, making you a more efficient and desirable employer.

Please look at a preview of the questions before logging in to take the survey.  You may see this HERE. Please print it off and make sure you have all the info before you take the survey.  It will be faster and more efficient for you.

This survey was designed to minimize your time burden, and we hope you’ll participate fully.  And, as always, no one will know your identity, so there’s no reason not to participate!

Members in good standing will receive the report free of charge, as a member benefit of MBSA. 

Take the survey