The Midwest Building Suppliers Association Presents: MBSA Ryder Cup Golf Challenge

Tuesday, September 28
Sand Creek Country Club
1001 Sand Creek Dr. S
Chesterton, IN 46304

Lunch served 10:30 AM. Tee-off time is 12:00 Noon. Chesterton is in the CENTRAL time zone.

A brief history of the MBSA Ryder Cup

Both Indiana and Michigan have an abundance of very nice golf courses.  The objective of the MBSA Ryder Cup Challenge would be to play at courses that are some of the best each state has to offer and are private or hard to get on.

Our first year, we were hosted by John Bolt from DeLeeuw Lumber in Holland, Michigan at the exquisite Wuskowhan Players Club in West Olive, Michigan, and the teams had a terrific day of golf, competition, and camaraderie.  We’ve played the Sand Creek Country Club, hosted by Mark Zemrowski; the Kinglsey Club in Kingsley, MI, hosted by Roger Vanderheide; and again at Wuskowhan, hosted by John Bolt and Mike Dykstra. This year, we are being hosted once again by Mark Zemrowski of Von Tobel Lumber & Hardware in Valparaiso, Indiana, at the incredible Sand Creek Country Club on September 28.

The format with resemble a “Ryder Cup” Format:  (It is set up so each player will ultimately know how they individually scored on the course they are playing.)

The first nine holes will be two players from Michigan playing two players from Indiana in a foursome.

After a hole is played the Michigan two person team’s lowest net ball would be compared to the Indiana two person team’s lowest net ball.  The lowest ball wins the hole.  This continues for nine holes until one team has won the majority of the 9 holes or the two teams tie.  If a team wins their match they win a point for their state.  If they tie the match, they each will receive ½ point for their state.

The second nine holes will be one Michigan player up against an Indiana player in Singles competition.

The competition will be match play.  After a hole is played the individual scores will be compared and the player with the lowest net score will win the hole.  This will continue until one player wins the majority of the 9 holes. One point will be awarded to state of the winning player.  If there is a tie each state’s player will receive ½ point.

The final competition will be a “Horse Race”.

The two person teams will start at a designated hole and will alternate drives on each hole if they advance.  After the first hole the 6 teams with the low scores will advance for the second hole with any ties determined by a chip off.  And finally the 3rd hole has 4 teams advancing with the winner having the low score on the hole –again with a chip of if necessary to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.  Points will be awarded as follows: 1st -2 points, 2nd-1 point, and 3rd -½ point.

The results from the 4-ball matches, the singles matches, and the Alternating Shot “Horse Race” will be totaled for each State to determine the 2021 MBSA Ryder Cup Winner.


How do you qualify for this great event?

Since this is an important competition we would like to be able to verify handicaps if needed.  When you register, we will ask that you submit your handicap and the club you play out of with your club professional’s name.  This will help your State’s Team Captain determine who to place you up against from the competing state.

Let’s get ready for some great golf with MBSA’s even greater golfers!

You may pay by credit card after you submit this registration.