As one benefit of our association, the Midwest Building Suppliers Association provides Blueprint Reading & Material Take-Off Workshop. The workshop will consist of 2 full days of instruction and discussion of residential construction methods, blueprint reading and material take-off.

Material covered:

*Blueprint Reading       * Material Applications       *Roof System        *Scale Usage       * Floor Layout

*Siding & Exterior Trim          *Estimating Formulas         *Wall Framing        *Insulation & Wallboard

  • Attendees will learn basic blueprint reading by identifying lines, symbols and details while developing an understanding of elevations, floor plans, framing and sectional views.
  • Students will be introduced to various residential construction methods and estimating formulas while working on a basic single level home with a trussed roof.
  • Attendees will also work on a contemporary home that will include irregular floor and roof layouts.
  • Additional attention will be given to stick framed roof systems including valley over-framing, common, hip and jack rafters.


Next Course: Week of February 28-March 4, 2022. Exact locations to be announced soon. There will be Michigan and Indiana course sites.