MBSA does not have “primary” and “secondary” members, as we believe no one member is more ”special” than another.  Rather, everyone who joins and participates in the Association’s programs and services is a member of the “MBSA Family”, with equal rights, privileges, and prerogatives. We merely differentiate between “retail dealers” and “associate” providers, so fellow members can quickly identify the type of business that member represents.

Retail Membership

Retail members include lumber yards, home centers, and other business entities selling retail building materials to builders, the general public, or both.  MBSA’s retailers include traditional “yards”, home centers, hardware stores, and components providers.

Associate Membership

Associate members are those who have an interest in the building material industry, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, and who do not sell directly to builders or the general public.  Our associate membership also includes law firms, computer/software providers, educators…almost ANYONE interested in MBSA’s members or the industry, and wishes to provide their products and services to fellow members.