Every association – trade, professional, academic, and individual membership – all rely on volunteer leaders to effectively bring the association’s mission to life, and magnify it for all members.

Volunteers aren’t simply “extra” personnel; MBSA (as well as hundreds of other “A-list” associations worldwide) views volunteers as critical to the structure and shaping of the overall membership experience.  Volunteering literally makes the association “member-driven” in its strategic direction.

Here is a brief synopsis of the current task forces.  Then down below, you can check all that interest you as possible volunteer involvement areas. Then, our Chief Staff officer, Tim Murphy, will contact you and chat about your possible role. 


The MBSA Board of Directors is composed of representatives from Indiana and Michigan, and are tasked with the overall leadership of the organization, and works closely with the staff members to achieve the association’s goals. The Board meets 3-4 times per year.


  • Determine style/format of meeting
  • Set date/location
  • Work with staff on site selection


  • Organize/manage two scholarship outings (MI and IN)
  • Set date/location
  • Coordinate volunteer group
  • Obtain sponsorships/players
  • Assist day of outing


  • Serve as a watchdog for both federal and state legislative and regulatory actions impacting the industry
  • Work with staff to communicate issues out to the membership


  • Oversight of membership needs
  • Assistance in both recruitment of new and retention of existing members
  • Assistance in coordination of member service offerings


  • Identify leaders for the Board and prepare slate for membership vote at annual meeting
  • Determine best approach and timeline to deal with staggering board terms for first election


  • Develop vehicles to educate membership of regulatory requirements
  • Initiate and coordinate regional meeting as needed (roundtables)