Your job is to sell product and make money.  Let us handle your DOT compliance, and remove that burden from your desk.

Managing Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements can be a tremendous undertaking; and can even be quite scary, especially when fines for even minor violations can exceed $ 20,000.  As a building materials professional, you have better ways to use your time than to be constantly monitoring and wondering if you are going to survive the next DOT audit.

That’s why MBSA brings to you a DOT compliance program that addresses your compliance needs, regardless of the size and scope of your operation.  And, with pricing at member-only discounted rates, your participation in this program will take a mandated requirement and make it an efficient, seamless experience for you.  No more guessing if you’re actually compliant.  That peace-of-mind itself is worth your participation.

Features of this improved program include:

  1. No “access” or “registration” fees.  Your MBSA dues payment is your access.
  2. Driver Qualification Files (DQFs) available to you 24/7 via secure web access.
  3. Drug and other testing results quickly and sent electronically
  4. Pricing that makes your MBSA membership a critical asset to your business
  5. Program administered by ITI, the leading compliance firm in the nation

COMPREHENSIVE COMPANY COMPLIANCE PACKAGEThis package is $159.00 per company, per year, and includes:

  • Drug & Alcohol Policy Binder – A complete DOT required Drug and Alcohol policy, Driver educational materials, plus “SAP” (Substance Abuse Professional) information and hotline, great for EAP programs as well;  plus all post-accident policy and regulations with crash report included, and all the other DOT rules on reasonable suspicion. This also includes your “Certificate of Enrollment” in a DOT certified drug & alcohol testing program.
  • Drug & Alcohol Results Binder – A complete record keeping binder for all of your DOT drug & alcohol testing results, Random selections, Certification of Enrollment, Participants List, MIS reports, Bi-Annual Statistics, Pre-employment test results, and any positive drug test results as well as follow ups and return to duty testing.

COMPREHENSIVE DRIVER COMPLIANCE PACKAGEThis package is $149.00 per driver per year, and includes:

  • All required random alcohol and drug testing (quarterly draws)
  • Driver Qualification Files* (DQFs) – Includes DOT compliant driver file and MVR (motor vehicle record), with annual review

Ours is a complete administrative program for DQF’s from hire to termination.  Services includes use of secure online portal to process:

  1. Review and update current DQF’s
  2. Supply all necessary and required forms
  3. Process and complete new employee files immediately
  4. Review physicals; notify company of driver expirations – 90/60/30 days prior to
  5. Review drivers’ licenses and notify company of driver expirations-90/60/30 days prior to renewal date.
  6. Process annual MVR and update file with Annual review
  7. Advise employer of compliance issues that arise with any driver    
  8. Keep employer advised of all DOT changes affecting CDL drivers

*All commercial drivers must have a Drivers Qualification File (DQF), separate from personnel records. Commercial drivers are those drivers capable of driving any vehicle in excess of 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. DQF contains all required driver safety information as mandated by FMCSR Part 391. Lack of Driver Qualification Files carries a civil penalty under existing regulations. Under section 521 of the federal code, any person or company who is determined to have committed an act which is in violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act, may be assessed a civil penalty not to exceed $1,000 per offense.

Ala carte services and fees

Drug & Alcohol testing only – $ 80.00 per test
(Pre-Employment, Reasonable Suspicion, Post Accident Testing)

Driver Qualification File (includes 1 MVR)* – $ 70.00 per driver



Customized Drug & Alcohol Policy Binder – $ 129.00

Motor Vehicle Record – $ 30.00 ea

Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) – $ 25.00 ea

Criminal Background Check (CBC) – $ 60.00 ea
(this is an estimate/average. States change their fees on a fairly regular basis. If the state you need it from is less than this amount, we will bill you less. If it’s higher, we will bill accordingly.)

Supervisor Training – $ 129.00 ea

*This course meets and exceeds the federal requirements of 49 CFR Part 40 with the following training:

  • 60 minutes of controlled substance abuse training
  • 60 minutes of alcohol misuse training

Getting started is easy!  Simply fill out the registration form below, indicating the services you desire.  We’ll also need your driver roster for inclusion in the random testing pool.  (If you are a current participant, you’ve given us your rosters already.  All we’ll need are your updates/changes, if any).

NOTE: Fees quoted are for members of MBSA in good standing. Non-members are welcome to participate in this program with a $375 access fee to the testing pool, and $90.00 per random test. Other safety products and tests/reports by quote.


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