The Midwest Building Suppliers Association represents pro dealers and suppliers of building materials, such as lumber and roofing, to home builders and others the Midwest United States. Below is a partial list of what MBSA can do for its members.  And we’re evolving the features, benefits, and services all the time, because members can request special programs whenever they want…and we’ll do whatever we can to deliver.

Some of the Features of Membership

  • Complete DOT/FMCSA compliance programs…beyond mere random drug testing
  • Midwest Building Suppliers Association Retirement Plan – 401k Solution
  • Annual Meeting, Program, and Members Party (along with other association events throughout the year)
  • “Knowledge Central” – complete HR & Compliance site
  • The Blair Collings Scholarship Program
  • Online Membership Directory
  • Real-time news and critical info to members
  • Public Relations and Advocacy; Public Awareness and Education
  • Educational seminars & technical training in a myriad of categories and topics
  • Membership in NLBMDA (National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association in Washington, D.C.) – with access to all their programs, services, and national meetings at discounted member rates. It actually IS getting two memberships in one!

MBSA’s Retirement Plan – 401(K) Solution

The Midwest Building Suppliers Association Retirement Plan is a special type of 401(k) plan called a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP). Rather than sponsoring your own plan, you can become an adopting employer of ours! And as part of our super-sized plan, you’ll get all of the benefits typically enjoyed by only the largest companies, with a lot less work.

Explore the plans here.

Professional Development

Annual professional development calendar on topics critical to the success of your employees—and your business…all at special pricing just for members.  From workplace safety, customer service, and blueprint reading and estimating, if members ask for it, we can usually do it. We put on our educational programs through a variety of different events, including meetings, webinars, and a recently created podcast series to deliver to our members updates and news from the building supply industry through conversations with industry leaders.

Among the events that factor into our professional development are our annual meeting and golf outings – the Sycamore Scramble in Indiana and the White Pine Classic in Michigan, along with the MBSA Ryder Cup between both states. This means that our instructional gatherings are also fun times of networking with fellow members.

“Knowledge Central”

At its core, Knowledge Central is an online training, testing and performance tracking system.  But it is more than that.  It is a human resources, business and risk management tool.  The system includes dozens of forms, manuals, handbooks and guides.  Nearly 200 training modules cover the gamut of regulatory compliance as well as job-specific training.  It is a document management system, an employee communications tool, a Safety Data Sheet (HazCom) cataloging and retrieval system.  It’s customized to you, and replaces your training, compliance, and associated record-keeping – all in one place.  And only members can get it.

Scholarship Awards

Available only to members, MBSA offers the exclusive Blair Collings Scholarships each year, helping dealers and associates with rising costs of higher education.

Online Membership Directory

Association-wide membership directory with a network of members keeps you on top of who’s who, and where to go for products, services, and information.  Always accurate, because it’s online and ready for you whenever you need it.

Real Time Industry News

Through weekly email communications, members have instant access to critical developments as they happen. These emails update you on industry news and items you need to know to find success, as well as association developments, programs, and opportunities.

Government Relations

Get access to a full-time advocate and government relations expert who continues to monitor legislation that directly impacts your business, protecting you and your business each and every day.

MBSA’s Exclusive Insurance Program

For more than 110 years, Federated has helped business owners in a variety of industries get the right insurance coverage to help protect their business and employees. The governing boards of hundreds of local, state, and national affinity partners recognize Federated as a quality company, which is why they exclusively recommend Federated’s products and services to their members.

The Midwest Building Materials Association (MBSA), representing building materials professionals in Michigan and Indiana, is one of those recommending associations.

Please see “Insurance Program” under “Benefits and Resources”.

Discount Programs through select partners

You will have access to those discount programs you’ve enjoyed over the years, from booklets, forms, propane, or other products you buy for your business, as we’ll as new ones being added all the time.