MBSA Connections: “Turning Defense to Offense” with CJ McLanahan

Monday, November 16 at 

11:30 AM Eastern Time


MBSA Connections is an opportunity for education and networking with industry friends, partners, and fellow MBSA members. In our second installment of MBSA Connections, we are holding a conversation with CJ McClanahan, a speaker and advisor who has spent the last two decades coaching entrepreneurs across a variety of industries. McClanahan’s presentation on November 16 will be titled “Transition from Defense to Offense.” For more information on the content of this message, please read below.

Transition from Defense to Offense

We played great defense.

Now, it’s halftime, but the novel coronavirus isn’t going anywhere soon.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to think about growth again. In this 30 minute webinar, CJ McClanahan will deliver five proven strategies to help your team build momentum and get back to what made you great.

Get back in the game. The marketplace needs you on offense.


Registration for this virtual networking event is $20 and open to anyone to attend. Please join us and invite industry partners and friends to participate as well. Half of the revenue from registration will go to College Mentors for Kids. To register for MBSA Connections, please fill out the short form below. From there, you will submit payment to attend the event. When you get to the payment page, you must enter your ‘Payment Amount’ as $20 and pay from there.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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